Tall Girl Crushes: Jenilee & Caitlin

When it comes to height, these girls are the real deal.  Or better yet, The Real Tall 😉.  Say hello to Jenilee and Caitlin!  Two beautiful sisters from one amazing tall family.

Names: Jenilee & Caitlin

Ages: 30 & 26

Heights: 6’4 and 5’11

Current City: Milwaukee, WI

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Reading, lifting weights, attending concerts and traveling.

Next place on your bucket list to travel and why?

Greece has been on our list for a LONG time!

What has been your journey to self-acceptance and confidence?

Like a lot of people, the journey started in middle school and high school. Kids are always looking for things that are the same as them.  And they notice what is different. Height is unchangeable and definitely unmissable. The beauty of that journey is having a tall mother who was a beacon of strength! She would always tell us to stand up straight and remind us how beautiful our height was (and is). It allowed us to get through those tough times, and come out stronger for it. That’s what we hope to help other tall women accomplish, because it’s a great feeling when you embrace who you truly are!

What is your favorite thing about being tall?

Definitely that it sets you apart from others. People have a tendency to remember you more easily because of your height. We truly love being able to see and breathe above crowds as well!

Did you ever share clothes growing up?

It took us until after we both cleared middle school and then we definitely always shared outfits! So much so, that we would even let each others friends borrow our clothing as well. It is funny because Jenilee wore more of Caitlin’s clothing in high school! It had a lot to do with the fact that Jenilee didn’t like to shop or have interest in clothes until well into college. Now, as adults, we both share even more!

How do you want to help women through your blog, The Real Tall?

To reiterate the above, we want to help women feel comfortable in their own bodies. We’re not model skinny, and we think that’s one of the oddest parts of being tall. People equate your height to modeling.  Which is always a welcome compliment, even if a misguided one.  Especially when the bottom line is that 6’4″ is considered too tall to be a mainstream model. So it all comes down to: we live our lives with people constantly trying to fit us into a neat little box of how they can become comfortable with our height.  As if we need a reason, calling or job to be tall. We want you to be you, regardless of your height. 

Do you have any tall girl style hacks/tips that you’ve come to use over the years?

We have so many tall girl hacks when it comes to shopping. One tip is that we will sometimes purchase men’s sweaters for a bigger fit in the shoulders and arm length. We have also occasionally ventured into the men’s shoe department for certain styles. Another tip, accessories related, is that we have purchased purses where the straps aren’t long enough.  So we drill additional holes to get them to hang correctly when they are cross-body bags. Another helpful tall girl hack is when buying tights, sometimes the plus size ones actually fit better in length Lane Bryant tights have been great for this.

What is one item that you are dying to have in your closet?

Well for starters, we would both LOVE to have new closets. We are working with two very small, dark closets that make organization very challenging. But aside from our big wishes we have both agreed that the one thing we are constantly dying for are blouses. Blouses that fit our shoulders with ease, allow for extra length, don’t bunch in the bust or pull all the way up when you move your arms or body. That is one item that is just not easy to find for us tall ladies. There have been some close options, however, none have quite measured up in the comfort/fit department.

What woman currently inspires you and why?

We definitely couldn’t narrow this down to one because we have been inspired by way too many women to count. We have created an amazing Tall Girl Community. filled with so many women who we are constantly inspired by.  It has been amazing watching so many tall women embrace their height, lift each other up and be an encouragement to one another.

What words of advice would you like to leave with the tall girls who are reading this?

You do not owe anyone an apology for your height! Someone’s reaction to you is often a reflection of their own feelings and insecurities. Always stand tall and be the fierce, fabulous woman God created you to be!

Well said!  Drop the mic!  Never apologize for being BE-YOU-TIFUL.  You can follow these tall beauties on Instagram, Facebook or on TheRealTall.com.



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