About the Company

The Rundown

As tall girls, we all know the struggle is real when it comes to finding clothing that fits. I have been 5’10.5” since the age of 14 and understand firsthand what it’s like to live this heightened life.  Since high school, clothing has always been hard to find, especially anything that is remotely on-trend.  Let Height Arise was founded in June 2016 in Los Angeles, CA to fill a void in the fashion industry; to provide on-trend clothing to my tall sisters.  More importantly, I want us to embrace our full beauty and confidence from the inside out. And I think a big piece of that comes from the clothing we live our lives in.  It can be a beautiful outward display of the person inside.  On this site, you will find items that are intentionally selected to compliment those gorgeous tall frames.  From a mix of boutique clothing to sample-sale pieces from name brands you know and love. 

The Name

The inspiration for Let Height Arise actually came form the bridge of the song “Worthy of it All”.  The chorus and bridge go:

You are worthy of it all

You are worthy of it all

For from you are all things

And to you are all things

You deserve the glory

Day and night

Night and day

Let incense arise

In the context of the song, it’s a beautiful picture of bringing an offering to God and leaving everything you have in His hands. I’m not intending to take you to church right now, but this is the truth of where the name came from.  The name embodies self confidence, embracing your unique beauty and it’s a powerful affirmation that you can speak over yourself.  Sub “Height” for any of the following:



Let BEAUTY Arise


Let LOVE Arise



Let DREAMS Arise

My question to you, sweet tall sister, is how would you fill in the blank?