Tall Girl Crush: Lucinda

Our Tall Girl Feature this week is from a recent transplant to the west coast. Say hello to Lu of Lucindervention.

Name: Lucinda

Height: 6’2″

Current City: Monterey, CA

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Aside from blogging, I love heritage tourism and studying historic architecture.

Current place on your bucket list to travel and why?

South American wine country for the warm weather and the Malbec.

What has been your journey to self-acceptance?

High school was obviously brutal, until I became an upperclassman and just no longer cared. Senioritis of the height, if you will. I had to understand that I was just never going to be able to change how tall I was. A few years later I realized that it was my height that set me apart and that is when I finally embraced it.

What is your favorite part about being tall?

My favorite thing about being tall is standing at a higher altitude and getting the good, cool air at concert.

What is one item that you are dying to have in your closet?

A button-down shirt with a repp stripe placket.

Are there any style tips for tall girls that you’ve come to use over time?

Right now, I am really into wearing my husband’s Brooks Brothers Oxford button-down shirts, untucked, cuffs rolled up and pairing them with voluminous A-line skirts. I have been feeling so claustrophobic in nearly all of my clothes, and the only fitted part of that outfit formula is the waistband of the skirt.

What woman currently inspires you and why?

I am so inspired by Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras. Emily never seems to be swayed by what is “of the moment” in terms of trends. Rather, she has amazing personal style that leans towards classic. Though she also uses affiliate links, I never feel like she is trying to “sell” readers anything. I love that despite her massive success across social media, she has never lost the focus of her blog.

What words of advice would you like to leave with our tall community?

Head up high and shoulders back, ladies!

“Head up high and shoulders back” sounds like the perfect high note to leave you with. Stand tall today and every day!


Let Height Arise

Tall Girl Crush: Ingrid

Today our Tall Girl Crush is coming to you from London, UK. Say hello to Ingrid!

Name: Ingrid

Height: 6’1″

Current City: London, UK

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

In general, I have many hobbies.  I’m very enthusiastic about learning new things and I’m always trying new sports, crafts, etc.  But let’s just say that crafting and designing are my faves.

Current place on your bucket list to travel and why?

Thailand!  It’s simple.  I love beaches and everything exotic.  And Thailand has both!

What has been your journey to self-acceptance?

I have 2 things that are vey noticeable about me: my height and my hair.  When I was a child, I suffered from bullying.  It was a really hard moment in my life and I always ended up being punished for being “different”.  I mean, I didn’t fit the “normal” standards.  People turned their backs on me and I had to come to understand that I am never going to fit someone else’s desires.  What is a “normal standard” anyways?  Something we see in magazines?  In order to be confident, the first thing we need to do is forget the people that once hurt us and the rest will come together. 

What is your favorite thing about being tall?

Nowadays there are so many things I love about being tall!  I love my height so much and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  The best advantage is when going to concerts you can see everything around you. 


Do you have any tall girl style hacks/tips that you’ve come to use over the years?

Well, the only thing I now know is that if I want any specific style that I can’t find on the market, I can make it myself.  That makes me feel good and no longer upset when I go out shopping.  On the other hand, I know a few brands that make clothing for tall girls so I look at those brands regularly.

What is one item you are dying to have in your closet?

A balmain jacket!

What woman currently inspires you and why?

When I was a child I used to admire many things but today, I love everything that is different and unique.  I can easily fall in love with an outfit or a photo.  But someone I admire for her passion in life, her courage and her style is Viktoria Modesta.  I have been a huge fan of hers for many years now.

What words of advice would you like to leave with the tall girls who are reading this?

First of all, if someone dislikes you because of your height, f**k them.  Don’t pay attention to that!  Secondly, enjoy your life to the fullest because we only have one life to live.

Thank you, Ingrid, for your bold words and confidence.

Until next time!

With Boldness,

Let Height Arise

Tall Girl Crushes: Jenilee & Caitlin

When it comes to height, these girls are the real deal.  Or better yet, The Real Tall 😉.  Say hello to Jenilee and Caitlin!  Two beautiful sisters from one amazing tall family.

Names: Jenilee & Caitlin

Ages: 30 & 26

Heights: 6’4 and 5’11

Current City: Milwaukee, WI

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Reading, lifting weights, attending concerts and traveling.

Next place on your bucket list to travel and why?

Greece has been on our list for a LONG time!

What has been your journey to self-acceptance and confidence?

Like a lot of people, the journey started in middle school and high school. Kids are always looking for things that are the same as them.  And they notice what is different. Height is unchangeable and definitely unmissable. The beauty of that journey is having a tall mother who was a beacon of strength! She would always tell us to stand up straight and remind us how beautiful our height was (and is). It allowed us to get through those tough times, and come out stronger for it. That’s what we hope to help other tall women accomplish, because it’s a great feeling when you embrace who you truly are!

What is your favorite thing about being tall?

Definitely that it sets you apart from others. People have a tendency to remember you more easily because of your height. We truly love being able to see and breathe above crowds as well!

Did you ever share clothes growing up?

It took us until after we both cleared middle school and then we definitely always shared outfits! So much so, that we would even let each others friends borrow our clothing as well. It is funny because Jenilee wore more of Caitlin’s clothing in high school! It had a lot to do with the fact that Jenilee didn’t like to shop or have interest in clothes until well into college. Now, as adults, we both share even more!

How do you want to help women through your blog, The Real Tall?

To reiterate the above, we want to help women feel comfortable in their own bodies. We’re not model skinny, and we think that’s one of the oddest parts of being tall. People equate your height to modeling.  Which is always a welcome compliment, even if a misguided one.  Especially when the bottom line is that 6’4″ is considered too tall to be a mainstream model. So it all comes down to: we live our lives with people constantly trying to fit us into a neat little box of how they can become comfortable with our height.  As if we need a reason, calling or job to be tall. We want you to be you, regardless of your height. 

Do you have any tall girl style hacks/tips that you’ve come to use over the years?

We have so many tall girl hacks when it comes to shopping. One tip is that we will sometimes purchase men’s sweaters for a bigger fit in the shoulders and arm length. We have also occasionally ventured into the men’s shoe department for certain styles. Another tip, accessories related, is that we have purchased purses where the straps aren’t long enough.  So we drill additional holes to get them to hang correctly when they are cross-body bags. Another helpful tall girl hack is when buying tights, sometimes the plus size ones actually fit better in length Lane Bryant tights have been great for this.

What is one item that you are dying to have in your closet?

Well for starters, we would both LOVE to have new closets. We are working with two very small, dark closets that make organization very challenging. But aside from our big wishes we have both agreed that the one thing we are constantly dying for are blouses. Blouses that fit our shoulders with ease, allow for extra length, don’t bunch in the bust or pull all the way up when you move your arms or body. That is one item that is just not easy to find for us tall ladies. There have been some close options, however, none have quite measured up in the comfort/fit department.

What woman currently inspires you and why?

We definitely couldn’t narrow this down to one because we have been inspired by way too many women to count. We have created an amazing Tall Girl Community. filled with so many women who we are constantly inspired by.  It has been amazing watching so many tall women embrace their height, lift each other up and be an encouragement to one another.

What words of advice would you like to leave with the tall girls who are reading this?

You do not owe anyone an apology for your height! Someone’s reaction to you is often a reflection of their own feelings and insecurities. Always stand tall and be the fierce, fabulous woman God created you to be!

Well said!  Drop the mic!  Never apologize for being BE-YOU-TIFUL.  You can follow these tall beauties on Instagram, Facebook or on TheRealTall.com.



Let Height Arise

Tall Girl Crush: Ryan Lynn

Sweet Tall Sister,

Say hello to Ryan Lynn!  Have you ever been told not to wear heels?  Have you ever considered people literally LOOKING UP to you to be a positive thing?  Well, Ryan has a thing or two to say on both of these subjects and so much more when it comes to standing above the crowd.  

Name: Ryan Lynn Johnson

Age: 25

Height: 6’0″

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

So many things! Learning to salsa dance, volunteering, running, traveling, spending time with loved ones, trying new restaurants and going to concerts/festivals.

Current place on your bucket list to travel and why?

Iceland! I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights. The images look gorgeous and it’s so different than the other destinations that I’ve visited!

What has been your journey to self acceptance/confidence?

Even though my family has always affirmed the beauty in standing out as a tall woman, there have definitely been several moments in my life where I wanted to be just a little shorter.  As a tall girl growing up, I always received comments about how I should be playing basketball or volleyball.  People assumed that because I was tall, that was my only aspiration or talent. At the time, I was bothered by these constant comments and I would just pretend to laugh it off. In my past dating experiences, I’ve been jokingly referred to as “giant” and was also told that I shouldn’t be wearing heels. I shrugged those actions off at the time, but now use them as educational moments to challenge stereotypes. I have now grown to become a confident young woman that intentionally chooses to surround myself with people that respect and accept me for who I am, heels or no heels. 

What is your favorite thing about being tall?

I love feeling like I’m standing out in a sea of people! It also can sometimes be a positive conversation-starter if a new person wants to initiate getting to know me!

What is one item that you are dying to have in your closet?

Thigh-high suede brown or black heeled boots! They look so great on tall women because they accentuate our beautiful, long legs. 

Are there any tall girl style tips/hacks that you’ve come to use over the years?

Before purchasing items like pants, shirts or jackets online, I look to see if there’s a description of the model’s height. Then based on the relativity of the model’s height to my own height, I make a decision if the fit would be flattering. 

What woman currently inspires you and why?

Of course my mom, grandma, and great aunts have always been enormous, positive influences in my life. They have all served our community through their careers in education, community and service-oriented social organizations.

In addition, I admire girl boss, Laverne Delgado-Small, who is the Executive Director of Freedom & Fashion.  She has been my mentor for over a year now. She has added so much to my understanding of leadership as she works with youth who’ve experienced trafficking, homelessness, as well as other injustices. Freedom & Fashion provides beauty and fashion mentorship programs for our youth, with powerful discussions about empowering their talents, strength, and beauty. I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering with the organization for over a year now as well.

What words of advice would you like to leave with the tall girls who are reading this?

Think of yourself as literally ABOVE AVERAGE.  People LOOK UP to you! Use that power with confidence and strive to be a person that loves every aspect of yourself so that you can channel that into love and service for others!

Well, with those closing words, this is probably a good place to drop the mic 🎤.  Can you relate?  Ever been told to play basketball, volleyball, be a model, etc.?  We’d love to hear your story in the comments below.


Let Height Arise

Tall Girl Crush: Kerstin Aisha

Hi Tall Sis!

We are so excited to have our Tall Girl Crush series up-and-running again. It’s the perfect way to begin Women’s History Month. Be on the lookout for more amazing stories from fellow tall sisters every Wednesday. We recently had the opportunity to interview tall beauty Kerstin Aisha. Take a few minutes to read her story about everything from self-acceptance, tall girl style hacks, and finding true love.

Name: Kerstin Aisha 

Age: 26

Height: I’m 6’2 on a good day, 6’3 on a great one

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love hiking and spending time in the mountains with my three dogs. Aside from that, I enjoy traveling, trying out new restaurants, modeling, and poetry.

Current place on your bucket list to travel and why?

Costa Rica! I love active vacations, and Costa Rica has so much to offer – volcanos to hike, rainforests to explore, and waterfalls to chase.

What has been your journey to self acceptance/confidence?

Growing up during the rise of social media, I often fell, and still occasionally fall, in the comparison trap. I punished myself for not having a petite frame, a thigh gap, blonde beach waves, or whatever else was considered beautiful at the time. Seeing more and more women embracing their natural features and promoting body positivity helped me embrace my natural beauty. I stopped straightening and bleaching my hair, which I did for as long as I could remember, to now show off my natural lion-esque mane. Connecting with other tall women and letting myself get inspired by their confidence was also a huge part of my journey. I even wore  4″ heels on a night out with my friends, and I felt like a GODDESS! Overall, I’ve come a long way. And I am still on my journey to loving and embracing my height and looks whole-heartedly.

What is your favorite thing about being tall?

The other day, I read an affirmation post saying that as a tall woman, I hold the gift of being memorable. This is the most positive way I have ever thought about my height. My favorite thing about being tall is that my height comes with a spotlight that gives me the opportunity to shine and show the world who I am every day.

Do you have any tall girl style hacks/tips that you’ve come to use over the years?

When shopping in the regular section, I usually go for off-the-shoulder tops, midi skirts, or dresses with adjustable straps. I also don’t mind wearing regular length pants as cropped pants. However, in my opinion, there is no better look than wearing pieces that truly fit you. My 2019 resolution is to learn how to sew so I can create my own designs and adjust pieces so they will fit me.

What is one item that you are dying to have in your closet?

I would die for a cute mini-skirt! Not only do I struggle to find a mini-skirt that goes to my mid-thighs, but I also struggle with finding a skirt that fits my thick-thighed-small-waisted frame.

What woman currently inspires you and why?

The woman that consistently inspires me is my bestie Kelly <3 Since I met her in 2015, I’ve watched her set goals and crush them. She handles every challenge that life throws her way like a champ and never fails to make time for the people she cares for.

What words of advice would you like to leave with the tall girls who are reading this?

The one thing I’ve learned that brought the greatest happiness to my life is not to let my height dictate who I date. For the longest time, I limited my dating pool to guys who were my height or taller, which resulted in me dating men for no other reason than their height. When I finally let go of the idea that it’s only acceptable to date a tall(er) guy, I met my 5’7 boyfriend, and I was never in a more loving relationship. Ladies, love is love. Don’t be afraid of being with someone that makes you happy just because they do not fit the expectations of society, your family, or anyone else that’s not you.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Kerstin. We love your perspective on embracing your height for the gift that it is. And to the girl reading this right now, yes you, can you relate to Kerstin’s story? Do you believe your height is a gift? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


Let Height Arise

Tall Girl Crush: Gabrielle Clark

Hey y’all! My name is Gabrielle. I am 6’1″ and 26 years old. I am a huge sports fan and am loving college football season being back. I have been tall my whole life and love it because my family is tall, but especially because I’ve played basketball just about my whole life.

Tall Girl Crush: Nash

Tall Girl Crush Nash
A little about me…I’m 6’2”, 180. I’ll be turning 30 this upcoming Aquarius season. I wasn’t really into sports but I did play volleyball for a bit. I’m currently a rep for Anhesur Busch (Budweiser) in the Bay Area (CA). I used to cry about my height but now I absolutely love it. It’s all about your perception. As a kid I thought geesh ‘I stand out’ ?. But as an adult I think geesh ‘I stand out!!!’ ???! Embrace you.

Tall Girl Crush: Wyatt Dosty

This morning allow us to introduce Wyatt Dosty! In her words, “Hi I’m Whitney, I’m 28, 6’3”, a former ballet dancer and professional volleyball player. And creator of the blog On Wyatt Style. A blog dedicated to personal expression, favorite athleisure fashions and great finds for us tall ladies. I want to help women of all sizes and backgrounds to embrace what makes them unique and live confidently. Life is full of ups and downs and uncertainty, but one thing women should never have to question is themselves. You are beautiful, strong, unique and made for purpose!” We couldn’t agree more ? Go follow her today!

Tall Girl Crush: Jessica Freitas

Hey hey hey, it’s Women Crush Wednesday! Say hello to Jessica Freitas! She is 25, 6ft and a 3rd year law student at Pepperdine University pursuing opportunities in government regulatory positions to eventually work in corporate social responsibility. In her own words, “I appreciate being tall because I am taken more seriously when I walk into a room and can look more experienced lawyers in the eye (or over their heads ?). My greatest accomplishment to date is winning the spirit award at Pepperdine for my irrepressible school spirit at all home sporting events. I wore an orange jumpsuit as “Rally Crew Leader” and led the student body in cheers. Go Waves!”

Tall Girl Crush: Kendra Sakuda

DOUBLE-WAMMY Woman Crush Wednesday today! Say hello to Kendra! In her own words, “I’m 30! ? 5’11 1/2”. The height definitely helped playing basketball and volleyball, but I chose to focus on soccer and played from when I was 5 through college. Now I just use those skills and play kickball every Tuesday. It’s a blast! I think as a kid I was self conscious about being tall. I was always a head taller than everyone, but I’ve grown (ha!) to really appreciate and love it. Vertically blessed! Ha that’s my new motto!” What’s your story? Message us to be featured next week!