Dear Younger Me: Stacy Scott

This is the first blog in our new series Dear Younger Me.  We are interviewing tall mommas and getting a glimpse of their journey in raising tall daughters.  Our hope is to encourage our young girls as they grow into life from an elevated view.  Say hello to Stacy!

Name: Stacy Scott

Age: 34

Height: 6’0″

Current City/State/Country: Chattanooga, TN

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love sports!  Especially college football and volleyball.  Go Cornhuskers!  My husband and I also love to go to comedy shows, concerts and new restaurants.

Current place on your bucket list to travel and why?

I want to go to Europe, specifically Ireland and Wales.  My grandparents are from there and I’ve always wanted to go.

What is your daughter’s name and how old is she?

Sloan Elizabeth, 4 years old

How did you meet your significant other? Share some of your love story with us.

My husband, Chris, is 6’5″. We actually met on a dating app…a sketchy one too, so I got lucky! He played football in college, so we bonded over our love of sports and food. We spent our first dates trying various local restaurants in Chattanooga and it didn’t take long to know he was it for me. Within 3 years of dating, we bought our first house, got our dog Herbie and he proposed. I was shocked at the proposal because he did it on Valentine’s Day, after being adamant that you should never propose on a holiday. We were married a year later in March.  And the following January we welcomed our daughter, Sloan, into the world.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? And what has been your biggest struggle as a mom?

Thus far, my favorite part of motherhood is seeing Sloan’s kindness and personality. She has a big personality and an even bigger heart.  She isn’t afraid to stop and tell someone that she loves them, or how lucky she is to have them in her life. As usual, the good and bad can be very closely related. The hardest part, is raising someone with a big personality and independence. I have always prided myself for being patient, and that patience gets tested daily. On the bad days, I can be found hiding in the laundry room and crying.  But man those good days sure do make up for it. 

What is your favorite thing about being tall?

If you asked me at 13 and 6’0″, my answer would have been nothing! But now, I love how confident I feel; whether it be in a boardroom or out with my husband.  I have learned to embrace my height and all that it brings, including being able to find people in a crowd and always having a good sight at a concert!

Growing up, did you have any examples of tall, confident women? If so, who were they? What’s one of the biggest things you learned from them?

My mom was always tall.  Although she never made a point to talk about it, I got to see how she never hid herself or let her height bother her. My parents also encouraged my love of sports, which allowed me to see all the advantages I had when I played volleyball and basketball. 

What is one piece of advice you wish you could give your younger self? What is one thing you wish someone would’ve told you growing up that you want to pass on to your daughter?

Being tall is not an affliction we have to get over.  Rather it’s an amazing gift we were given. I want my daughter to know that being tall is amazing and something to be proud of. I think we are finally starting to live in a world where we embrace our uniqueness and what makes us different. I want her to own it and to be proud of who she is.  And never live with slouched shoulders trying to diminish herself.

Anything else you would like to share?

Whether you are short, tall or somewhere in the middle, raising girls is both an amazing and difficult journey. I hope that we all take the time to teach our girls to love themselves, and each other, without judgment. The best way to do that is by accepting and loving ourselves without judgement. They are watching you and they love you no matter what size pants you wear.


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Thank you so much, Stacy, for sharing your story and leaving us with words of positivity.


With Confidence & Love,

Let Height Arise